You've been running your Instagram on junk food.

It's time to switch to Active organic.

Active organic traffic runs your Instagram on jet fuel accelerating your business and brand growth on IG.


What do we mean running your Instagram on "junk food"?

To us, "Junk food" is doing the same strategy that is yielding bad results. Slow, inefficient, and a losing strategy.

On Instagram, this means following the crowd or the "Instagram experts" telling you to rely on Instagram to grow your business and brand through the power of your posts alone.

Post quality, # of posts, scheduling, stories, messaging, hashtagging, photo editing, video creation, etc... These are all great strategies for posting. None of these will grow your Instagram. You know this. You've tried. None of these strategies drive traffic.

This is how we hear the "experts" tell you to grow your Instagram. It's junk food.

The Instagram algorithm is simple and beautiful. You post and the algorithm decides who and how many people to expose your post to. The algorithm decides who makes top posts in places and hashtags. The algorithm decides if and where your post will appear in everyone else's post feed. 

Instagram decides your exposure based largely on your popularity and engagement, how many people like and comment on your posts and how fast that engagement accumulates.

Relying on the algorithm to get your content out there is called passive organic. Passive organic as a strategy hasn't been an effective strategy for years. Being passive on Instagram is a losing proposition for 99.999999% of accounts on IG.

It has the same effect as running your body on junk food.

This is a losing proposition for small or growing Instagrams, especially businesses and brands.

What does running your Instagram on active organic traffic mean?

Active organic traffic provides upwards of 1,000 profile visits every 7 days. More matured accounts have even topped 2,000+ profile visits every 7 days all by being active with organic traffic.

4,000-8,000 profile visits a month can change a growing Instagram and your business. Companies pay thousands monthly on platforms like Facebook Ads or Adwords to get this many landing page views in a month.

How did we do this for our Instagram?

We are consistently active with our organic outreach strategy for our clients. Here is an image straight from our own custom social growth dashboard on the same day.

Sollevarsi SOCIAL Reach Drilldown.png

This image shows the Reach Drilldown bar graph in the Conversion Tracking dashboard for our Business Plan. We reached out to 5,255 targeted accounts on Instagram in the last 7 days. Of the 5,255 organic reach for our last 7 days, 1,322 people visited our profile. We did not post in the last 7 days (at the time) so we didn’t get significant traffic from posting. *Data taken from our dashboard on 11/14/18

That’s a really good rate for top of the funnel conversion. Also note that this is a first touchpoint for our brand, the equivalent of a cold call for our business. In digital advertising jargon, we converted 25% of our reach into landing page views. That’s especially great for a Business-to-Business Instagram page working with a first touchpoint. I’m looking right now at our most recent ad campaigns on Facebook ads. We have two running which total a reach of 5,386 and we have 107 link clicks and 101 landing page views for those campaigns. By comparison, this is a conversion rate of 2%. Our active organic strategy is converting at 25%. It’s incredible! If you have a good consumer friendly product, provide great value, or entertain in some way, you'll get much better results. Our own Facebook ads campaigns.

But, how good is the quality of this traffic? Is it just more "junk food" that visits and leaves?

How many of those profile visits turned into followers by joining our Instagram brand? Let’s look at our Rise Up Social Growth Dashboard again.

Screen Shot 2018-11-14 at 4.19.11 PM.png

The Follower Drilldown section of our dashboard is very similar to the Reach Drilldown above. In the last 7 days, 218 people converted into new followers.

Our conversion rate from profile visits to followers was around 16% for the last 7 days. That is also exceptionally good. Keep in mind we are a B2B brand in a saturated “entrepreneur” market and those traditionally grow much slower and cost more to accelerate with paid traffic.

So what does this tell us from a digital business perspective?

These high conversion rates mean that we are effectively driving quality traffic to our content. We know it is quality traffic because of the high conversion rates for cold traffic.

For an e-commerce business, this means that all of your posts are going to be viewed by a large group of targeted people regardless of how many followers you have. You’ll gets views passed on the passive organic IG algorithm AND our active organic strategy driving quality, targeted traffic to your Instagram.

If you have implemented product tagging with your Shopify store, this traffic now has a beautifully efficient way to convert into customers right on your Instagram page.

For all kinds of brands on Instagram, Stories and Highlights give you the opportunity to display and offer value as effectively as product tagging for your different businesses like blogs, coaches, influencers, personal brands, media companies, and many more.

Here are some key business focused take aways you should know.

We drive quality traffic with our strategy.

These first touchpoint connections are not only converting to traffic for our clients. They are converting into followers at a very high rate. These numbers blow away email conversion rates, Facebook ads rates for B2B's like us, or anything else we have tried in growing our business.

It’s not all about Followers.

Our strategy starts providing quality traffic results BEFORE you have a big following. Our client IG’s quickly scale up to 1,000+ profile visits within the first couple of weeks. That is a significant amount of quality traffic straight to your Instagram landing page (profile page) without having to build a big brand by posting and growing a large following.

Every Sollevarsi SOCIAL client has successfully built this targeted level of organic traffic without posting every day or growing a large following on Instagram, which takes time.

Our strategy provides traffic that converts very efficiently at the first touch point so you not only drive quality traffic, but you also get more opportunities to build valuable trust with potential customers through your Instagram content over time as many of them become followers.

For a business, this is a much more effective strategy than relying on the strength of your content alone to grow your Instagram. Posting daily or even multiple times in a day won’t give you these kinds of results. Influencer marketing doesn’t give you this level of consistent results.

What are our client’s experiencing?

The traffic funnel below is what most of our clients experience every month.

We find millions of potential matches for your brand and where they are active on Instagram.

We reach out to around 20,000 of them each month for those on our Business Plan, and around 15,000 on our Personal Plan.

The organic reach converts into profile visits and moments later into followers.

Those followers turn into long term opportunities for your brand or business.

Instagram Funnel for Web (1).png

Start winning on Instagram by getting active with organic traffic today.

Every day you delay is equal to hundreds of new people your brand could organically meet on Instagram.