What can you expect behind the scenes during your Instagram growth?

Important Do's and Do Not's of Usage with Sollevarsi SOCIAL

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We’re excited you’ve made the decision to take your Social to the next level with Sollevarsi SOCIAL.

Here is more information about what you can expect from Sollevarsi SOCIAL during your 7 day trial and beyond.

These requirements and best practices are important to our success growing your account safely and securely.

Please follow along and let us know if you have any questions support@sollevarsisocial.com.

A follow is a powerful thing in social media and the beginning of your relationship with a future client, brand ambassador, customer, or even friend. We call the process we use to grow your account "the Social Media Handshake."

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Do's and Don'ts of Using Your Account with Sollevarsi Social

Please continue to use your account as normal, well mostly normal. Here are some best practice tips.

Posting Content

The content you post will be crucial to your growth. Good content wins and increases the effectiveness of our processes. Check out our introductory article Content Craft 101 for help on making great posts.

For best results, please start by following these two basic rules when posting. For more on these tips, read our blog post The Cheetah and the Gazelle, a social growth story on Instagram

1) Be identifiable. Not everything should be "branded." Identifiable on social media means that when we reach out to someone by following them, they can easily identify you as part of their "tribe." You display shared interests, goals, etc... and offer them value that appeals to them. Essentially, your brand is their brand. 

2) Be relevant. Once you are identified as someone your targeted audience would follow, they will look for your relevance as an influencer and the value you bring them. It's important to display this value consistently. If your brand is focused on selling automotive products to consumers or blogging about your love of cars and you post about politics, you may find that your brand's message becomes diluted or even worse - at opposition to many of your Followers or future followers hindering and slowing your growth. Stay relevant and on message. It's part of going pro 👉 5 Quick Tips for Going Pro in Social Media.

With any post, ask the simple question, does this bring value to my target customer? If so, post it proudly! For more on best practices in Social Media, check out our blog! We will be adding much more content offering tips, tools, and tactics on social growth and everything you need to be successful on social media.

Activity on Instagram Rules

We take the growth of your account seriously. This includes the stability, safety, security, and integrity of your account. More about that in a bit, but here are some important tips we ask you to adhere to so we can keep your account in good standing and growing efficiently.

Here a few things we ask you do NOT do:

  • Please do NOT follow or unfollow more than just a handful of people each day. You have Sollevarsi SOCIAL experts managing this process and we don't want to overload the system. Where we can avoid it, we do not want to run into any trouble with your account for exceeding Instagram's activity limitations.

  • If you spend more than 15 minutes per day on Instagram, please communicate your usage to us by filling out our Instagram usage form. Extended usage on Instagram is fine, but if your usage exceeds this threshold, we will need to customize our strategy to your IG usage. Check your Instagram usage in the Instagram app under Your Activity.

  • Please do NOT change your password without updating us with the new one. If we can't log in, we can't do our work for you and our processes will shut down immediately until the we input the new password and log in. Your subscription is monthly or annually and will continue to bill as agreed to, so please keep us informed. You can securely send us your new password in the Account management section of your Rise Up Dashboard.

  • Please do NOT hesitate to contact us with any strange activity on your account or if you have any questions or comments. This includes any alert messages you receive from Instagram. We're here to work with you so feel free to contact us. Get in touch with us at support@sollevarsisocial.com or input your question on your Account page. We will get back with you within 24 hours, often much quicker.

  • Please do NOT use Two-Factor Authentication on your Account. While two-factor authentication is a great way to secure your account for your own log-in entry point, it is a single entry point security process. It isn’t designed for businesses and teams like Sollevarsi SOCIAL account management. Again, we need to be able to log in to manage your account. You can keep your account secure without using Two-Factor Authentication. A long 10+ digit alpha-numeric-symbol password with capital and lowercase letters is still the best way to secure your account and it allows us to log-in and manage your growth processes.

Action Blocks and Temporary Blocks

It is our goal to stay within the rules of Instagram’s algorithm. This includes things like the Instagram “speed limit” which limits the number of actions one can take such as following a new account or liking a post over time hourly, daily, and monthly time periods. Instagram also blocks different actions it detects as “inauthentic” or just plain not allowed. Since May 2019, these blocks have occurred much more frequently as Instagram made major changes to their algorithm. Unfortunately, Instagram doesn’t communicate those changes as people will devise ways of beating the system. It’s our goal to simply play within these rules. However, from time to time our activity will be interrupted by these action or temporary blocks. These are not major issues for the health or safety of your account, but they are a part of the current landscape on IG.

What to do if you receive an action block or temporary block message:

  • Make sure you are in compliance with the Activity on Instagram Rules above.

  • Please take a screen shot of the alert message you receive in the Instagram app, and submit that to us via email at support@sollevarsisocial.com or through your dashboard in the Account Management section (the icon with the three people silhouetted in different IG style colors).

  • Please rest activity on your account. Whatever action was blocked, please discontinue use of that feature for 1-2 days. If you were blocked from selecting to like a post, please do not like posts for a 1-2 days until the block is lifted.

  • Please do not worry. These blocks are being reported by people who use automations and those who do not. They are being reported by people doing very limited use of these features. In one of our IG masterminds, we were told that someones mom who never uses many of these activities on IG received a block. It’s a bit silly right now with these blocks.

  • If you have any questions about these blocks or concerns, please let us know at support@sollevarsisocial.com. Feel free to review the Terms of Service you agreed to when you signed up for your subscription.

Unfollow Activity

For some accounts, the first thing we need to do is a little clean up. We will do our best not to do this heavily during your 7-day trial. If you've been trying to grow your account on your own or with another service, we might need to clean it up a little bit before we can get started. For many, we will unfollow users who do not follow you back. These are members of the Instagram community who you have offered the value of your brand to and they have not taken action to subscribe to your brand with a follow. You will have the chance to whitelist any of your most important followers before we get started. More about the Whitelist in a minute.

Your ratio (followers:following) and your engagement on Instagram is very important to your success. Users who don't follow back are not a part of your tribe do not subscribe to your brand and content on social media. If you have an account where you are following substantially more than follow you back, we need to balance out your ratio before we get started growing steadily. We need to keep your account in good standing not only for the channel (Instagram), but for new followers visiting your page who decide whether to follow you back or not. A good ratio is an important part of social media and we're going to start you off right!

During the New Customer Entrance Interview, you will have the opportunity to Whitelist any users you want to keep. These should only include accounts you use for business purposes or brands (accounts) that influence and inspire your brand. Keeping a large group of whitelisted accounts will hurt your ratio and slow your growth. We only have a limited number of accounts we can follow on Instagram. Whitelisting a large block (hundreds) of this total number will limit your growth potential with Sollevarsi SOCIAL. 

You will also have the opportunity to add any whitelisted accounts on your Account Management page when your Dashboard setup is complete. We will try to wrap up the bulk of the initial unfollow activity before we complete setup of your account so you can start growing faster. In some cases with highly imbalanced accounts, we will need to start your account off using a larger block of your account activity to unfollow than follow (slowing your initial growth). Again, we will try to avoid this during your 7-day trial. In most cases, we can get you started growing at a good pace quickly but we want to be clear about what to expect!

Follow Activity

Once we get started, you will notice that you are following more people each day. Your following will increase and with it engagement with your growing community on each of your posts. Good news, right! This is a lot of fun. It is an amazing feeling to add a new follower and have them like all of your posts or send you a direct message about how your content is so great! 

Started Following You.jpg

If you are a new (under 5,000 followers) account, your Following count may be larger than your Followers number until you take the next step. This is normal as we try to grow your account as fast as possible within the channel's rules before it gets enough traction for increased organic growth to kick in. Learn more about the "worth" and "value" exchange in our article the Power of Social Followers. Ideally, your account will eventually look like our one of our matured Instagram clients, for example SUPERflix Movies or dare we say it...even better! A clean account (good ratio of Followers to Following) makes us happy. It makes Instagram happy and looks good to new visitors and current followers. We’re on top of it for you. If you ever have any questions about your account, please visit your account profile page and send us an email in your Account Settings tab or email us at support@sollevarsisocial.com.

Other Account Changes to Expect

You are on the right path now towards organically building a healthy, large, growing, targeted, and engaged community - many of whom will become fans or customers. How exciting is that! Your brand and business will grow. If you are growing a personal account or personal brand, "Going Pro" can be an adjustment. With growth comes some great positives. Yet, some aspects you may view negatively always seem to hop along for the ride. When you start growing social media on the scale of a business it can become a little bit of a burden if you’re used to a personal Instagram profile. Some things you will notice changing include:

The Power of Followers on Instagram is Engagement.jpg
  • You will get notifications of follows and often new followers will like some of your posts. This is great, but as we scale up this will only increase. This is positive engagement! This is what you want of followers and what digital marketing professionals call a "goal conversion." The goal here is to have your content engage your followers. Have fun with it and enjoy the interactions. Comment back, like your Followers posts, but please stay positive in every interaction!

  • You will start to get some direct messages from fans, but also from trolls, sales people, scammers, etc... Unfortunately, many people automate these direct messages when they get a new follower. There are other businesses out there. You'll meet a lot of them. If they're in your brand arena and growing, maybe you should team up with them. Some of these interactions can be less cordial, especially if you're a fitness, fashion brand, or the like. These can be anything from spammy to vulgar. It happens. Report violations on your account according to the guidelines for Instagram, as you see fit. Most of these will be to sell you something or to get a follow back. These are ignorable. Other interactions may cross your own personal or business line, you can ban users in Instagram and may need to do so on occasion. We honestly don't see this much as we've added and keep followers for our clients who look to their content for some value. Send us a note to discuss it if you like support@sollevarsisocial.com (include screenshots if possible).

  • Your Instagram "feed" will change as we follow more people. You are likely used to seeing great content from the handful of people you follow. This will change in some form or another. For most of our clients, we are able to “mute” users that we reach organically so that your IG feed is maintained how you like it. However, muting users doesn’t fit for every brand. If we don’t mute new people we reach, you may see a lot of new posts from random people in your Instagram feed like things personal to your followers or outside of your interest. These should not be outside IG’s terms of use, and if they post content outside of what you are comfortable with, unfollow them and report that content by selecting the three dots int he top right of that post. If this becomes a problem, we highly recommend starting your own personal account separate from your brand. It's easy to switch between accounts in Instagram in 2017. Personally, we keep our own private accounts separate and "locked" requiring permission to follow our personal account. That's just how many of us roll. You can go your own way, but we want you to have an idea of how your account will change going forward.

Interaction with Instagram

Our service operates amicably and efficiently within the system and guidelines of Instagram. Our activity is intended to stay within the guidelines Instagram has design into their system. It is our intent to balance and pace our activity so that your account stays in the best standing with Instagram. The activity rules of Instagram are not clearly outlined and they change often. We stay on top of these as best we can so we can keep your account within their parameters. Our social growth service takes these rules into account and we are very serious about it. We have tested, tested, and tested our service and just about every other service out there to find the best method to grow an account and grow it safely. We continue to monitor and test. We love our service and believe you will too!

However, you should know a little bit about how Instagram monitors account activity so you aren't caught by surprise if you get a warning message. We are susceptible to the "Instagram police" just like every other account management service out there. It's part of the deal behind offering a service on a social platform with rules and activity regulations that constantly change. We love Instagram and we think the parameters on account activity help keep the "shady" scammers at bay and we hope they continue to improve these. We applaud what they have done so far. 

While we grow your account, especially as we "increase trust" for your account by slowly increasing your activity, you may get a message from Instagram. Don't be alarmed if your account is "temporarily blocked." It honestly isn't a big deal as long as we manage your account responsibly, together. It's not something we can avoid 100% of the time and grow your account effectively, or we would. We have never seen an account we manage get banned (though we haven't really tried either - though we have tested the limits). Some of our most active accounts have run into this a couple of times in a week and been just fine. These accounts are still growing!

We consistently work to avoid action blocks or temporary blocks and improve our account management both from a policy-process and individual standpoint on your account. But, we wanted to let you know that a temporary block is possible and that it often isn't a big deal. We take your account growth very serious and take a lot of care in our craft. We are always available for you at support@sollevarsisocial.com.

Your subscription is at-will and renews automatically

If you aren’t happy with what we are doing for your IG, that’s totally cool! This isn’t for everyone. Please keep in mind that you can cancel your service at anytime. All you need to do to cancel is to log into your account on our website (little black button in the bottom left of every page or in the upper right of our homepage) and update your subscription by cancelling. It’s easy. If you have any issues, email us at support@sollevarsisocial.com. Please review the Terms of Service you agreed to if you aren’t sure about anything with your subscription.

Now let's get Growing!

Alright...whew, that is a lot of information. But it is very important so thank you for reading. Now, let’s get started!

If you haven't completed it yet, please follow the link below to the New Customer Entrance Interview. It's time for us to get some information from you. If you don't have time now, we will be emailing you a link to the short questionnaire very soon. No worries. You may already have it ;)

We need some very important information about your brand and business to start setting up your trial account.

We think it is important to set your expectation and be transparent about what you can expect. We hope this helped.