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Audience Targeting

Password: SocialGrowth2017Riser!


Audience Targeting

Update our audience targeting with keywords or accounts you think may be helpful in growing you Instagram. Please add no more than ten new keywords or accounts. We use only a handful of keywords to grow your Instagram.
Maybe your business has pivoted and you no longer are in the genre of a certain interest. Please notify us by listing keywords or Instagram accounts that you no longer think will help grow your Instagram account.
Please include any other information you think may be helpful in growing your social. If we haven't contacted you, your account is likely performing well.

Sollevarsi SOCIAL is a managed business solution. We do not require that you heavily manage your audience targeting.

The information you provided us during your account setup is sufficient, or we have contacted you to discuss.

We do, however, realize that business often involves many different pivots as your enterprise evolves and grows.

This area is a location by which you can submit new keywords if you have diversified your brand by adding new products, services or interests.

You can also let us know if you have dropped a certain aspect of your brand to focus on the best performing areas of your business.

Please submit any questions or comments here as well. 

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Please submit your question or comment here and our customer support team will get back with you (within 24 hours, usually much sooner). 😁

Update Whitelist

The whitelist is a list you control of accounts you want to continue to follow no matter if they follow your account. This should be reserved for friends, family, key industry publications, and partnerships. The whitelist can limit the speed of your growth if you exceed our recommendations. We recommend the whitelist be limited to around 100-200 accounts. If you need more, that is fine but you may consider starting a separate Instagram account if many of these are personal and you want to achieve your business goals. 

Update My Whitelist
Please list the accounts you would like to ADD to your whitelist here, separated by a comma (example @sollevarsisocial, @shopify).