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Turn your Instagram into a second, shoppable store!

Turn your Instagram into a second, shoppable store!


get active with organic traffic on instagram  


Instagram Growth Designed for Business, Affordable for Entrepreneurs


Our social media growth service is designed with you and your business in mind.

We grow your Instagram so you can focus on what makes your business great.

If you are an influencer, freelancer, entrepreneur, small business...any enterprise, brand, or individual with business goals, we can grow your Instagram.

Our organic, targeted growth service will manage your account growth to provide your business an opportunity to grow.

We don't just add followers. We add qualified leads who have expressed an interest in you and your brand.

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Sollevarsi SOCIAL is your social growth pilot. We are not an automation tool you have to learn and manage. 

We provide the best social growth account management for measured Instagram growth. We help grow your brand on Instagram so you can achieve your business goals.

Learn more about our social growth methodology, The Social Media Handshake.

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Our social media clients have experienced substantial growth in both the size and engagement of their social followings on Instagram.

Our targeted, organic social growth methodology increases engagement driving more conversions, more branding, and accelerates sales for our customers.

Learn more about the Power of Followers and what they can do for you.

Save time growing your social media


Time is one of your businesses most valuable assets.

Re-allocate your time back into your business and your content while we grow your Instagram.

Stop spending all your time on social growth and start moving your business forward. Learn more.

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The Rise Up Dashboard is your Social Growth hub. Grow your social at an enterprise level to get business results you can track.

Snapshot growth metrics, Big Data, and Follower Drilldown provide the information you need to monitor and pivot your strategy over time. Learn more about the DASH.

Organic Social Growth


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What kind of growth can you expect?

Fast. Measured. Responsible.

You can expect your Instagram to grow quickly and steadily. There are many factors that determine your growth. We are only part of the equation, though a vital one. 

It works like this...we use a methodology we like to call The Social Media Handshake. Our account management will target people who have expressed interest in similar brands and content by their actions in liking or commenting on Instagram. We reach out to them and introduce you. If your brand and content are interesting to them, they will follow and you will have grown your social by +1. We scale this process up using Sollevarsi SOCIAL's proven methodology and tactics to fit within Instagram's guidelines responsibly accelerating your Instagram growth.

It's simple social networking scaled to your digital business. 

Learn more about The Social Media Handshake.

Try us out for 7 days and keep the followers we add, no long term commitments! 

The social growth above is what one of our earliest clients reach an important milestone, 10,000 followers!

Check out @billbuster95's social growth progress here.


The dash

Your Social Growth Dashboard

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The Rise Up Dashboard

Easily review and follow your Instagram growth from your Rise Up Dashboard.

Log on from anywhere to view key performance indicators in a simple, beautiful dash.

You can adjust your account information from your Sollevarsi Social Dash or ask us any questions that you may have along the way. We also provide access to our exclusive Rise Up Social Growth group from your dash where you can get a deeper look into the more advanced strategies and tactics we are using to be successful in social and content.

Follow your social growth with the Rise Up Dashboard from Sollevarsi Social

 Beautiful Data Visualization

View interactive charts with up-to-date data such as your follower and following count over time. 

Follower count can be seen in an adjustable histogram so you can view all of your growth or focus in on certain sections of time to see your growth performance any way you like. 

Interactive Social Growth charts

Key Performance Indicators

Review your Instagram social growth performance with key data points so you can make pivots in your strategy. Key metrics include Followers added to date, a Follower count, and increase % since joining Sollevarsi. 

Add a layer of accountability to your Social Growth service with Sollevarsi Social. 

Social Growth Snapshot Your Progress

Drilldown on your ROI

Go a level deeper into social growth analytics by evaluating Sollevarsi Social's return on investment with analytics such as Cost Per New Follower.

Get a quick look at your last 7 days, 30 days, and Year To Date social growth. 


Social Growth Drilldown

*dashboard images take from an actual Sollevarsi SOCIAL client


Built for Business, Priced for People



Great for entrepreneur's and personal brands just getting started growing organically on Instagram.

Plan Overview

No Dash

Simple Setup

Basic Targeting

Faster Growth


Perfect for businesses of all shapes and sizes. This is our "Done-for-You" plan. Get the most out of organic growth on Instagram!

Plan Overview

Rise Up Social Dashboard

Growth, Organic Reach, and Conversion Tracking

Advanced Targeting

Fastest Growth

Also available as an ANNUAL Plan