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My name is Bill Jempty and I started Sollevarsi SOCIAL after over ten years in business marketing to democratize Instagram for small brands and businesses.

The Instagram algorithm is designed to reward the most engaged and frankly, the largest Instagram accounts.

This means you can post and post and post and post really good stuff and not grow your Instagram effectively.

I see it every day and love it when a new client is shocked at how much traction they get with organic vs. posting.

So, how can the entrepreneurs, small businesses, startups, and freelancers reach their target niche effectively on Instagram?

I’d like to show you how we flip the Instagram algorithm in your favor by being active with organic traffic.

I would also like to help you out with your specific needs on Instagram by taking a look at your profile and answering a few  questions that you might have related to your Instagram business.

I want to speak with people about their Instagram rather than at them on a webinar. 

This is a true 1-to-1 with me and a rare opportunity to speak with an expert on Instagram for businesses.

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*The chat option was removed because connecting on FB Messenger was too difficult and too many people missed their appointments.

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