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Getting Started

How do I get started?

Sign-up and we will accelerate your social growth by fueling it with quality, targeted organic traffic. 

How does the Sollevarsi SOCIAL work?

We are a monthly (or annually) billed service. We offer a FREE 7-day trial for all new Business accounts. After the first 7-days, we will bill your card and continue your growth. The Personal plan does not include a free trial. No long term contracts or anything silly.

How does this all work?

Personal Plan

There is a very short (2 minutes) questionnaire about your audience targeting following sign-up. After sign-up, we will set up your account and start growing your Instagram within 24 hours. 

Business Plan

Once you's pretty simple really but there is a little bit of account setup to be done at the outset.

After the trial period, your account is on auto-pilot as far as you are concerned and you can monitor your progress via your very own Rise Up Social Growth Dashboard.

  1. Account Setup Begins (1-3 business days in total typically)

  2. New Customer Interview (5-10 minutes) This is required to setup your account, basic business and brand information. we email you access to this form where you will answer a handful of brand and business questions. This "interview" occurs at the beginning of the account setup timeframe.

  3. FREE 7-day Trial Starts. You start to see our impact on your social growth! We provide access to your Rise Up Social Growth Dashboard where you can start to track and monitor your Instagram's social growth.

  4. After your first 7-days, if we have earned your continued business - we will start managing your Instagram growth on a month-to-month (or discounted annual if you prefer) subscription.

Tell me more about after sign-up.

Personal Plan

You will receive some emails regarding best practices, but the personal plan is super simple. We grow your Instagram. 

Business Plan

Once you've subscribed and started your service, you will receive emails from us which outline the process from this point. We will get some information from you for our keyword research. You will receive an email from us with our New Customer Entrance Interview. Using this basic brand and business information, we will start building your dashboard. Once we setup your dashboard, we will review your bio - offer advise for improvement as needed. We will start to manage your social growth. Sollevarsi SOCIAL will introduce your account via the  "Social Media Handshake" methodology. Your targeted following will start growing and you will be able to monitor progress on your Rise Up Social Growth Dashboard.

Both Plans

In 30-60 days, you will see an engaged community start to thrive and you will be able to start making value propositions, building trust, accumulating touch points, and if your content is working - converting new customers from your growing following and steady organic traffic.

After you start to see your following growth accelerated and your Instagram has become a bustling hub of activity, you can consider your social growth on “auto-pilot”. Read a magazine or watch a movie. Sollevarsi SOCIAL pilots will navigate the friendly skies for you! We will take it from here so you can focus on what makes your business great!

How long does it take to setup my Rise Up Dashboard?

Personal Plan

24 hours typically.

Business Plan

The entire process usually takes 1-3 business days depending upon the current volume of new subscriptions.

When does my 7-day trial start?

The Business plan 7-day trial will start when we have completed setup of your account and are actively growing your Instagram. We don't include setup in your 7-day trial. You may notice that the plan includes a "10 day" trial. This is simply because we have the 3 day setup process built into our backend logistics. We often set your account up sooner so you may receive a longer trial. You will be billed 10 days from your sign-up. 

On the personal plan, there is no 7 day trial included.

What kind of results will we get in our Business trial?

The trial is a taste of what we can do for our clients. We also shape the velocity of our growth to the specific client. If you have zero followers and a brand new account, we will start you off slow. If you are a returning customer after a short hiatus, you will quickly be back up to speed. For some accounts, we will need to clean them up before we can get started with a balanced follower to following ratio. If you don't post content regularly, we will slow you down to fit your content stream.

What does the New Customer Entrance Interview ask?

The new customer entrance interview is a series of simple questions about your business and your brand. These answers will help us get started by helping us understand your brand and business better. It takes about 10-15 minutes to complete. This is not included for Personal Plans. The questions for personal plans are very short as you largely determine your targeting.

Can we still use our accounts?

Absolutely! We encourage the use of your social media though we will provide you some "best practices" we ask you follow for the account to achieve peak performance. For instance, we ask that you don't follow or unfollow accounts in bulk (over 25 per day). Each social media platform allows a set number of activities before your behavior is deemed "spam" and your account temporarily blocked by the "social media police". We use this allowed activity pool to grow your following and we can't do that if those are heavily used. Like and comment as much as you want, within reason, but limit your following and unfollowing to a handful a day, under 25.

We highly encourage posting to your account. Content on your account is the best thing for you to focus on while we grow your account. We do the basics for social growth, but we don't do everything you need to do to maximize your social media marketing. Content is very important not only to your growth but to your brand and keeping your new followers by offering value. Check out our blog for helpful tips, tools, and tactics on everything social including content craft. Get started with Content Craft 101.


Can you focus our social growth by location or region? 

YES! Some businesses are local, regional, and we totally understand that. We have successful clients that work in local brick and mortar businesses. We can definitely focus our efforts regionally or even locally for your growth. This is a great way to target local followers for events, concerts, restaurants, any local service or product. However, if you are a local business and your local is small. Your growth may be much slower. For example, if you're a photographer in a small town we can't grow your regional account as quickly as we can for a photographer in New York City or Los Angeles. Even if your local is small we can, however, grow you a substantial following across the world which you can leverage to get more local business. The Power of Social Followers is an amazing thing. 

Is this a "follow-for-follow" scheme?

In short, no - definitely not. We also don't sell followers. Those schemes don't grow your business or your brand in the long term and their short term gains come with major risks. We are as interested in your long term goals of adding new customers as we are in increasing profile visits to your IG. Those long term goals aren’t serviced well by many of the activities these type of “bot” related schemes engage in.

The methodology behind our social growth and the processes themselves seek out an exchange of follow-for-value, not follow-for-follow. With all the "spammy" services and bots out there, we understand the confusion. It's a fine line but a very important one.

"Follow-for-follow" is what occurs when followers follow you back because you follow them. It is a nice exchange at heart but is not authentic nor long-term. That is not the kind of exchange we target.

Our social growth service is about business and brand growth, not just follower count. Adding followers in and of itself to boost numbers will have a very limited impact on your business. 

Our social growth methodology relies on targeting followers who will engage with your brand. We have a simple, proven, and specific method for finding people who may be interested in your content and brand. The strategy is very similar to how digital ads target people based upon their activity, though we use organic processes in the Instagram app. We target people based on their activity in Instagram related to your brand. This accomplishes two very important things that follow-for-follow does not.

First, our methodology has a different exchange from "follow-for-follow." The Social Media Handshake as we like to call our process is an exchange of "follow-for-value" not only ideologically but as defined by its core processes. Your content and your brand should offer value to your followers. Our process maintains the authentic exchange that makes Instagram so powerful. This value exchange is a pillar in the foundation for how to grow a sustainable and valuable business. 

Second, this methodology avoids our activity being "spammy" and thus against Instagram's terms of service both in principle and in activity. Our managed service is built on solid footing by being targeted like an ad, and we don’t do spammy things like automate likes, comments, or direct messages. Those don’t work to grow your business and can be considered spammy. "Follow-for-follow" is a failing process which can blindly spam users in hopes they will follow you back. A lot of bots are built on this principle. You can grow an account with "follow-for-follow" but it is both dangerous and short sighted. 

Sollevarsi SOCIAL is an account management service focused on accelerating your social growth to help develop your business and brand. If you would like a behind the scenes step-by-step look at this process, join the Members-Only section of our blog and you will get access to our special blog post available FREE for a limited time. We tell the story of how we grew one of our first clients from ZERO to 10,000 followers in under 6-months using this methodology. We break down the process and offer a rare behind the scenes look, then we invite you try it yourself for your brand. 

Will my account be safe and secure?

To date, we have had zero major issues. We have been growing client accounts since 2015 on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. No account we have managed has ever been suspended or blocked.

We see a lot of spammy behavior on Instagram which violates their Community Guidelines. We don’t do anything spammy on IG.

First, we do a lot of work to make sure that our activity on your account is not spammy. This starts with extensive market research into your niche and where your ideal followers and customers go on Instagram. We base all of our activity on this research and we don’t reach out to people who have set their accounts to private. We respect their privacy.

Our organic activity is meant to mirror the activity of a paid ad using platforms like Facebook ads (which is Instagram ads). We only reach out to people who have expressed an interest in your brand, similar brands and businesses. Just like an ad on Facebook, we target people who have engaged or follow those similar brands and businesses on IG which we have located in our research. The only difference is we don’t display a “sponsored post” or an ad, we reach out to them organically. If they are interested in your brand, they’ll view your IG profile page and then follow your account. Our conversion rates for our clients showcase how effect this process is when managed properly.

Next, we don’t do anything like automate likes, comments, or direct messages. These are easily done using automation tools, but there is no way to do it authentically. As a built for business service, we are as interested in improving your long term gains as we are your easy short term wins. We work really hard to start off your sales funnel with quality interactions and traffic so that you can convert more people into long term followers and customers. Automated “bot” likes, comments, and direct messages don’t do this effectively.

Lastly, all of our activity on your account fits within the limitations placed on activity by Instagram. For instance, an account can only like so many posts on IG in a set timeframe. The same can be said for anything you do on Instagram, following, unfollowing, direct messages, comments, shares, posting, etc… We operate within those limitations to keep your account safe and secure. We steadily use the allowed activity to grow your Instagram in the right way. Like we said above, we don’t like, comment, or direct message to grow your IG. These are the guidelines put in place by Instagram and we respect these and work within these limitations to keep all our client accounts safe and secure.

What do you mean Social Growth "Pilots"?

Sollevarsi SOCIAL is at its core an account management service focused on growing your Instagram account. The service feels like an "auto-pilot" solution to our customers because it works without your management. We use the term "auto-pilot" at times to give this impression of how it works from our customers point of view. It is very much like putting in the co-ordinates and monitoring your progress in-flight.

We are a managed business solution. We also chose not to market our service as an "auto-pilot" solution because we don't want to give the false impression that we are a bot service either. We use automations across the entire spectrum of our business, but our service is not blindly automated. Read more on automation below. For a deeper look at our social growth processes, start with Why the Social Media Handshake Method Wins!

Why don't you just automate our accounts?

Automation is great. It is becoming increasingly smart. We find the best use of automation is as a tool, to "automate" certain defined processes, but we are very careful with what we use and have tested it out on our own accounts before putting it into our toolbox.

Today’s Instagram is best used by experts with tons of experience in organic growth, market research, and a proven track record of using tools to grow on Instagram. That’s what we do and we’re very good at it. So good in fact, that many of our current clients tell us we should start to charge more per month…a lot more, but we’re standing pat for now.

Automation can run amok pretty quick. Even the best automation services don't do everything and they are full of inherent flaws. "Bot" services promise a big jump in follows and some pipe-dream of going viral without doing any work. This isn't real for brands in earlier stage development. Sure, a celebrity like Gary Vee or a big company like Apple can start a new social channel and get a million followers tomorrow, but they are starting out from the top, a position of high visibility. This was not always the case. Automation is not the magic pill to even the playing field. We aren’t trying to capture lightning in a bottle by going viral. We are managing a strategy to reach as many of the right people as we safely can for your Instagram. It’s very similar to running an ad on Instagram.

Automation doesn't create content, curate content, like the right posts, or comment on posts effectively. It is not flexible enough to make on the fly changes to your account such as drop low producing keywords and add new keywords based on research and a proven methodology. Automation doesn't do anything more than simple tasks well, right now. We don't automate your growth. We pilot your growth. It just feels automated to you while we have you on "auto-pilot". For more, check out this post by Hootsuite on Instagram automation

Why should we pay you to do what we can do on our own?

If you’re an entrepreneur scaling and growing your business, you know the answer here. In short, to save time so you can focus on what makes you special. And, because we're experts experienced in managing organic social growth on Instagram. There are many pitfalls you may have learned and some you don't know are out there just yet. We are experienced and help your account avoid these to grow as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

😎 Many entrepreneurs, small businesses, freelancers, and start-ups have learned how to do social media growth effectively. It isn't rocket science, although it does take a lot of knowledge just to weed through all the "magic pill" solutions sold for Instagram. "Buy 1,000 followers!" HAHA! It's laughable. If you can do it and still maintain an authentic and organic brand, great. Those services never worked for us. The problem we solve is that most small enterprises do not have the time to put in to grow social media effectively or the money to pay ad agencies to do it for them. It is A LOT of work up front and even after you really get it down, it still takes up a large chunk of your time. Our social growth services are designed to provide the inertia of targeted, organic social media growth so you can focus on what makes you and your enterprise special and unique.

We believe time is one of the most valuable things you have in life, especially in business. Read more about the process behind our social growth. We call it the Social Media Handshake


How often should we post content?

We recommend posting content several times a week. Averaging one good post a week is a minimum. Wednesday-Saturday evenings are the best times to start testing what schedule is best for your brand. Test out days and times to learn what is best for your business goals. Learn more about What to Post on Instagram for Businesses and Brands.

What makes good content?

That's a big question. It varies and is a deep, long answer to really dive into it. Join our blog for more on content craft. Start with Content Craft 101.

In short, offer value with your content. Post beautiful, on-brand content with a clear value proposition. Include short, active content captions. Use several relevant hashtags. Don't over do hashtags. Learn more every time you post and get into a nice groove. Don't post too often and don't wait too long. Explore and learn.

The biggest thing you can do is jump into it and follow along with what others do that you like. You'll get the hang of it if you just start. 

Where else can I get help with everything else it takes to be successful on Instagram, like content development?

Our Rise Up Social blog is the perfect place to start learning more about social growth. We provide the best tips, tool, and tactics on how to be successful on Instagram. You can also follow us on Twitter to get access to curated content feed where we share some of the articles which inform and inspire us on new ways to grow social. 

Doing More With Social Media

What else do we need to do to be successful on social media?

That's a great question! A well-rounded strategy is the best way to achieve optimum results. Our service is so effective, we can grow accounts that don't even optimize many of the other good methods to grow social. Explore more of those strategies here. But, to get the best results, here are some of the most basic tips for activities to add to your strategy. For a deeper look, start with Content Craft 101. We will continue to blog about some of these in more depth as well as many other strategies and tactics for content success.

Sollevarsi SOCIAL adds a rocket boost of organic, efficient social growth to your mix. This does not include a host of marketing initiatives that may improve your growth, and maximize the valuable ROI your get from Social Media. 

Content is the fuel for our rockets. Without at least good content, growth will be slow or stagnant. Learn what your followers want, fine tune your content and always be seeking to post content that adds value for them. Review and evaluate key influencers in your space. 

Like, comment, interact. Sollevarsi SOCIAL is going to organically introduce you to so many more people and account than you can imagine. Interact with those accounts by liking and commenting to really fire up your Instagram visibility. Liking posts in your niche similar to your content is a great way to keep your account activity high and increase your visibility on Instagram. 

Mixing content curation (re-posting other people's great content respectfully and with permission) and posting your own original content is the best method to consistently add value for your followers. You most likely have been posting good content for some time and adding our growth services will rocket your account into social media hyperspace. Read more here. 

Influencer marketing is also a great strategy to grow your social media. Seeking out relationships on Instagram with the goal of sharing others content and having them share your content is a more advanced way to fire up your growth.

Follow us @riseupsole on Twitter for more tips, tactics, and tools on everything from Social to Content, Web, SEO, Growth Hacking, and much more!

You can also join our free Rise Up Social Growth Group to get more advanced strategies as well as as an in-depth look at one of our first clients rise from zero to 10,000 follower in under 6-months. 

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