The Rise Up Dashboard

Our dashboard is about monitoring your organic social growth, not managing it.

Our IG experts manage your organic growth while you monitor your progress looking for key performance indicators to help formulate your content, advertising strategy, SEO, influencer, and other business strategies.

Easily review and follow your Instagram growth from your Rise Up Dashboard. Compare and use with Instagram’s in app Insights to form a complete Instagram strategy.

Log on from anywhere to view key performance indicators in a simple, beautiful DASH. The analytics on our dash are updated weekly as of 2019.

You can adjust your account information from your Sollevarsi Social DASH or ask us any questions that you may have along the way. We also provide access to the Members-Only Lab of our blog from your dash where you can get a deeper look into the more advanced strategies and tactics we are using to be successful in social and content.

Take control of your Instagram business by tracking every stage of your organic traffic funnel.

Follow your social growth with the Rise Up Dashboard from Sollevarsi Social

Key Performance Indicators

Review your Instagram social growth performance with key data points so you can make pivots in your strategy. Key metrics include Followers added to date, a Follower count, and increase % since joining Sollevarsi (which after awhile can be ridiculous). 

Add a layer of accountability to your Social Growth service with Sollevarsi SOCIAL. 

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 Beautiful Data Visualization

View interactive charts with up-to-date data such as your follower and following count over time. 

Follower count can be seen in an adjustable histogram so you can view all of your growth or focus in on certain sections of time to see your growth performance any way you like. 

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Drilldown on your ROI

Get a quick snapshot of your last 7 days, 30 days, and Year-To-Date social growth. Track your brand’s performance on Instagram with more data than the 7 days IG’s in app Insights offer.

Go a level deeper into social growth analytics by evaluating Sollevarsi SOCIAL's return on investment (ROI) with analytics such as Cost per New Follower (CNF) and New Follower per Dollar (NFD).

Know how your subscription to Sollevarsi SOCIAL is working for you with NFD and CNF ROI metrics.


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Organic Reach

Organic reach is a metric similar to “reach” on platforms like Facebook ads. The difference is that this reach is your organic activity. These are the number of people we have targeted and reached organically on Instagram.

Track the top of your funnel with a dynamic histogram chart that allows you to see your Organic Reach build over time.

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 Organic Reach Drilldown

Drill down on organic reach to get a quick snapshot of your brand’s organic reach for the last 7 days, last 30 days, and the last year to date.

Monitor our activity for your brand and stay on top of your brands total reach by tracking organic reach.

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Conversion Rates

Data should always help you validate or adjust your strategy. Monitor yesterday’s conversion rate, and your lifetime conversion rate to see how successful your Instagram brand is at converting organic reach into new followers.

Take data one step further to find actionable insights. Track your organic conversion rate by each day of the week to inform your posting strategy. Post on the days you convert higher more organic reach into new followers.

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Organic Growth BuilT for Business

*dashboard images are from an actual Sollevarsi SOCIAL client