4 Fantastic Tips to get the Most out of Instagram’s new Shop tab

E-commerce continues to evolve on Instagram. The new Shop tab is absolute FIRE🔥!

The Shop tab effectively turns your IG into a full-on Storefront. Not only can you tap to shop on your posts, now those posts and your product catalogue are displayed in a beautiful new Shop tab.

Let’s take a look. Then, let’s help you get it all setup and use your IG for e-commerce!

This is @hrdwre_design by Mike Burgio. Mike has been our client since April 2018, almost a full year, and we’re going to look at his Instagram as one of our examples. Hrdwre+Design is connected to their Shopify store for a beautiful presentation of their products. Our second example is a new client doing a really good job with e-commerce on Instagram, @ottocases. They have stores around the country selling custom etched wood phone cases and have recently started to build their brand and store on Instagram. Their Instagram Shop tab connects with their Facebook product pages and offer a quick and easy way for interested people to message the vendor. Either way provides a much better solution for moving traffic and followers to customers.

ottocases Shop tab-IG Stories.jpg

What is IG’s new Shop tab?

You can see in the image of @ottocases Instagram that they now have a “Shop tab” centrally located on their account page. This may seem like a little addition, until you click on it and see where it leads.

The shop tab is connected to your E-commerce store (commonly Shopify, BigCommerce, or Squarespace) and your product catalogue in Facebook. This displays your posts, links to your product pages, and showcases things like product images, descriptions and pricing. The posts with your products are also linked in a special section at the bottom of the Shop page.

How cool would it be if your products were displayed like this on Instagram?


Tip #1 Set it up and start tagging your products

Obviously, you need to have everything setup to take advantage of these features. The process is simple but it includes steps on Shopify, Facebook, and Instagram. We’ve created a guide to walk you through all of these steps including pro tips on where to avoid problems, how to get help if you have issues, and give you tips on how to get the best out of these e-commerce features on IG. We also interviewed a store who started using the tap to shop feature before it was publicly available.

It’s too much to go into it here, so we created a full e-book for you. We have a lot of resources for you in our newly updated Shop-able Instagram eBook v 2.0. Download it here and get this all setup. It’s FREE!

✅ Hands-on Walkthrough for Posting using the “tap to shop” Product Tagging Feature including best practices from a store we interviewed who used the feature in testing.

✅ Complete Setup Guide to Prepare for Product Tagging on Instagram, updated for 2019 to include steps for the Shop tab.

✅ Product Tagging Setup Checklist (infographic)

✅ Strategy Guide to growing your Instagram to capitalize on product tagging, now includes the Shop tab.

Tip #2 Use Tap to Shop

Tap to shop was a feature released this time last year. Most e-commerce stores have been using this on their posts for awhile now.

Make sure you are tagging your products in your posts. We recommend rotating in a sales focused post in our guide on What to Post on IG for Businesses and Brands. Read more here.

With basically a full store on IG with the Shop tab, tagging products is even more important now. Your content is going to be front and center in turning followers into fans and fans into customers! These tagged posts now populate a section in the store and they all access into the store. You can navigate in and out of the store seamlessly. Let’s take a tour through the @ottocases IG store.


It is super powerful! Basically, you can tag products in your posts just like you do people or places. You do need to be connected to your FB product catalogue and so you need to complete the steps in our e-book guide to use the feature. Download here.

Tip #3 Use your IG like a sales funnel with the right content

Businesses on Instagram need to be treating the social media channel like a sales funnel.

You should be steadily acquiring new leads from cold traffic. Our clients are reaching 20,000 targeted people every month on Instagram which provides a lot of really good traffic to start their Instagram sales funnel. Your new traffic, really new leads, should provide steady growth for your Instagram by adding more followers who you can market to in the long term. Our clients are adding 4,000-8,000 new profile visits from our active organic strategy and typically over 1,000 new followers every month. That’s huge! Now, your content can continually build up trust and touch-points on their way to buying your products. You should also be showcasing testimonials and customer experience. All of these goals work together to grow your business on Instagram and get you more sales.

Your posting strategy and content are a crucial component towards your larger business goals.

We’re got a guide for simple What to Post on Instagram for your Business and Brand too. Check it out here. It comes with a FREE infographic you can download.

Tip #4 Grow your Instagram with active organic traffic

Arguably, the most important component of all of these is traffic. Without traffic, you won’t grow your IG. You won’t have people to convert into customers. It will be hard to grow your business. We’ve talked a little but about this throughout our discussion because it is the fuel that starts everything our clients do on Instagram.

Traffic on Instagram isn’t as easy as it used to be. Posting for traffic is now a losing strategy. A few years ago, you would post and people would like, comment, and follow your IG. That passive organic strategy today yields poor results alone. Many of our clients come to us with hundreds and even thousands of posts on IG but only a few hundred followers.

The best strategy to grow any Instagram business or brand is active organic traffic. This is where we excel for our clients. The two Instagram’s we use to showcase e-commerce are clients.

@hrdwre_design started with us in April 2018. They had 248 followers and 62 posts on April 4th 2018. They were posting regularly but not growing or getting any traffic. Since they started with active organic, @hrdwre_design has organically reached 211,761 targeted people on Instagram! They have added 15,229 new followers in that time. Their IG business boomed! @hrdwre_design joined our 10k followers club late last year!

What would your business look like on IG with 10k+ followers?

@ottocases is a new client and yet their Instagram is on the way up! They came to us on Nov 26th 2018 with 2,369 followers and 203 posts. Since then, they have grown to over 5,3k followers in only a few months. In the last month, they have organically reach 22,798 people and added 1,107 new followers. Awesome, right!

Check out how some of our other clients are doing on IG! Our 10k follower club is growing every day it seems!

Shopping on Instagram is powerful! It’s helping change businesses everyday by offer a much better path to converting your traffic and followers into new sales!

We’ve got the tips and strategies to help you capitalize on everything you need to grow your business on Instagram. Keep growing!

Start with Step 1 download our newly updated Shop-able Instagram eBook v 2.0.

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