Five Quick Tips for Going Pro on Instagram

Instagram is fun. It is one of the most authentic and engaging platforms on social media. Sharing pictures and videos. Checking out the latest posts of the awesome profiles you follow is entertaining. Sharing your life with your circle of friends and family. But, now you are monetizing your passions, or you're growing your business. Suddenly, Instagram is a different experience.

Up until now, you've been an amateur on Social Media. Pictures, editing, videos, filters, posting, hashtags; you know the system. You’re good at it and you may have added a few followers you don't even know, perhaps a lot of followers. You still feel like there is more to get out of it.

Now is the time to go pro! It is all about growing your business. We’re here to help.

If you want to get more focused on business goals such as building a brand, qualifying leads, driving traffic to your website, increasing your sales, and growing your business, this article is to help you transition.

We speak with a lot of people in Social Media at various stages of growth and expertise. One of the biggest struggles for many is moving from a personal profile to a business profile or starting a new branded Instagram account. The difference is much more than simply selecting to have a business profile on Instagram or listing a website. It’s a whole different philosophy and your goals on Instagram change dramatically. 

Here are 5 tips to get you started off in the right direction or check against what you've been doing.

Tip 1: Get Your Profile Right

Before you get your money right, you have to get your profile pencilled to a point! For a brand on Instagram, it is all about focus. People who visit your profile need to see that focus right away. There are numerous key points where visitors will look to understand what your business brand is all about. You need to be identifiable and relatable. 

Every new client that comes through our door gets a review of these key areas and specific advise on how to improve. It's very important to your growth on Instagram and your success in using Instagram to achieve your business goals. We have an entire article on getting your account ready to start growing. The Cheetah and the Gazelle, a Story about Social Growth on Instagram. 


Tip 2: A Balanced Focus for your Brand

Now you need to focus your message and start thinking like a brand. To brand effectively, you need to focus your page on a core message for your customers. Everything you post should be on message and relative. Even if you’re a personal brand, stay focused on your business and providing content for your followers. If you are in real estate, focus your posts on real estate related information and value. Think about what are the pain points for your customers. Create and curate content for those needs. Focus.

Yet, you also need to post content that is engaging, authentic, and human. Instagram is at its best very human, very real connections. Brands aren't successful posting pictures of their products. They are successful inspiring within their brand. They are successful showing the intimate underbelly of their brand. Post your brand vulnerable and struggling not just perfect and polished. Balance these human connections with a focused approach and your brand will flourish on Instagram.

Tip 3: Add Value Relevant to your Brand

Your posts should not only be on message, but it should add value to your followers. Your posts should seek to engage with your followers by offering them something of value relevant to your brand. But what is brand value on Instagram?

Value comes in all shapes and sizes on Instagram. Value can take the form of inspiration or hope as much as resolving a problem. Value can be an infographic that teaches your followers a little bit about what your product offers. Value can be an inspirational message with an expressive image. It can be a rant video. It can be the human side of your company. It can come in all shapes and sizes from entertaining polls or questions about a related subject matter. Value can come in images, videos, or short words of wisdom you learned in your field. Value can come in special offers, contests, gifts, and much more. Get creative but always try to give something small away for free so your followers will come back wanting more and maybe even become customers.

Always offer value relevant to your brand on Instagram.jpg

Tip 4: Make Goal Conversion a Content Focus

For those not in marketing, what is goal conversion? This is the specific goal you should have in mind for every post. It breaks down into several categories. Vary the goals for your posts and you will mix up your content by extension.

Two Primary Goals

Engagement (Branding)

The goal of these types of posts is to interact with your followers. You can do anything from ask a simple question to give them an action choice, like for X and comment for Y. You can host a Q&A in your Direct Messages (DM). DM me your questions about X in the next 15 minutes and I promise an answer. These can also be simple posts with images, videos designed to illicit interest and action from your followers.

Link Clicks (Sales)

Instagram has one link for your business in your BIO. Many businesses push traffic to the link by offering some value if they click the LINK IN BIO. You can go that route or simple say, visit our website for X. Remember to make this a strong value proposition, the better the value proposition the more traffic you will push into your sales funnel.

Social Media for a business has a purpose beyond personal connection, entertainment, and enjoyment. For businesses, it can be about branding, selling, outreach, hiring, awareness, or advertising. Identify what goals you have for your social media efforts. Most often, driving traffic to your website and starting your sales funnel is the best goal for social media. Branding can also be done effectively on social media both the awareness for your products, services and building a loyal tribe. Always have your goal in mind when you post. 

Tip 5: Find Your Groove

Instagram is a little daunting for some businesses. If you don't immediately think, Instagram is perfect for me - that is ok! It's very visual and it isn't always easy to visualize some brands. Many businesses struggle with figuring out what to post or how to post. they either have difficulty conceptualizing posts, knowing what kinds of posts they can make, or believe that there isn't a market for their brand on Instagram. They are wrong on all accounts. Finding your groove on Instagram takes jumping in. The water is warm, hundreds of millions of people swim in it every day. It's a big pool.

Find your content groove on Instagram.jpg

Here are some suggestions on finding your groove.

Follow and Whitelist

Pick out some of the rockstar profiles in your brand's genre. If there aren't any, widen your search terms. Search by tags (keywords) in the search section and locate some good profiles. Watch what they post, how they interact, the engagement from their content, and what people say in the comments. Break that down, reverse engineer how they create that content and start to develop similar content stamping it with your brand. A clone won't get you terribly far so be yourself (as a brand). 


Reporting the news of your genre is a great way to get started branding on Instagram. If your brand is anywhere near an interest people follow closely (tech, politics, health, science, etc...), there can be a lot of content waiting in the news. Instagram is great for short content. Write small reviews of the news in your industry. 

Pain Points

For those not in sales, pain points are the problems facing customers you can solve. Address these with your brand. You should be studying your customer's pain points and watching these in your expertise and industry to position your solution to them with your products and service. Post images and videos that address a specific pain point and make a more powerful connection with your followers by offering value. The best posts show that you really understand where they are coming from and empathize with their plight. This can be a tangible solution and also an emotional connection.

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