How to Grow Your e-Commerce Store Using Instagram and Organic Traffic

DISCLAIMER: This isn't only for e-commerce businesses, but any business or brand looking to leverage social media.

So, you've just finished your Shopify store, your products are all set and you've started a little bit of promotion on Facebook Ads and Instagram.

You're excited to see your business grow on auto-pilot. Ready to sit back and watch those sales come in on Shopify.

Congrats! This was a big step for your business and you're on your way to living the financially independent lifestyle you dream of. 

But it doesn't just click right away - does it? Even if you've followed all the e-commerce gurus and even if you bought your store from a "Done For You" dropship guru, it won't take off until you get on top of these two BIG things post launch.

These are two dirty little secrets that no one told you...this is where most digital businesses fail. It's a crucial time for you. Let's assume you've done your homework and you have the basics at launch. You have a good web store, landing pages, good products, and at least a basic digital funnel in place. Success in your early stages is now all about traffic and conversions.

It's not as easy as the gurus made it sound. But, you'll get the hang of it. It doesn't happen over night.

Here is how you can start getting the the best of traffic and conversions in your first stage of growth. Duh, right? But how do you really get the best of these two crucial requirements for digital success. We are going to explore these two areas, give you tips and strategies you can implement for free, and introduce how our new version 2.0 Social Dashboard tracks these for our Business clients.


This is the first dirty little secret the gurus downplayed. The reality is that your store won't sell anything if you aren't getting traffic to your landing pages and your products. Makes sense, right? The problem is that driving traffic effectively isn't so easy as just spending $500 on FB Ads or spending $150 with an Influencer. It takes more than you think. It's not a faucet you just turn on. It's a drop a day filling your bucket. Social Media hasn't been a post and succeed proposition for almost ten years now. The first truth you need to know is that passive is a losing strategy and active always wins. Keep that in mind going forward.

Day one of your store going live will be crickets if you don't get ahead of the traffic game. If you're on top of it, you've started building an audience before you go live, 3-6 months before at a minimum for new businesses.

Social Media can be huge in driving traffic but it doesn't happen overnight. Instagram has long been a game changer for brands and businesses looking to grow organically on a budget.

With product tagging (a new Instagram and Shopify integration), Instagram can be a second store front funneling traffic directly to your Shopify cart. Check out our interview with Austin Tomasek from Lady Caliber Woodworking on their success as an early adopter of product tagging. This feature is HUGE for e-commerce. Learn more on product tagging at the end of this article.

Like any storefront, no matter how efficient - you still need traffic.

You can build top level traffic in many ways. Social advertising on Facebook ads, Instagram, or Twitter ads. Paid search with Google Adwords and other platforms. Fine tuning SEO and backlinks. Influencer marketing. Active content marketing. All of these work but each of them come at a different cost in time and dollars spent.

We get the best results using Instagram for organic traffic. Our strategy is something you can do in Instagram spending 15 minutes a day. That's how we started growing our clients Instagram.

We consistently help our clients achieve the best ratio in effective traffic acquisition. We visualize it like this, efficiency to time spent x dollars spent.

Traffic Acquisition Efficiency.jpg

Usually the higher the cost, the less time you'll have to spend and the higher the time you spend the less you'll have to pay to outsource. Time and money are your businesses most essential resources starting out. Value and evaluate them highly.

For our organic growth strategy, good traffic acquisition efficiency means our clients spend much less time in the trenches driving traffic and it doesn't come at a prohibitive cost. For new businesses leaning in on a Facebook Ads strategy, you can expect to spend a minimum of $1,000/month on Ads and another $1,000/month to get someone to run your ads to effectively driving traffic. The same can be said of Adwords or SEO. For our strategy, traffic starts with organic growth. 

The traffic we provide with our service is organic, targeted, and effective. We grow all kinds of accounts from small to medium sized and even a few larger brands. They all get hundreds of organic visits every day and thousands every week. Our customers typically see 10,000-15,000 organic reach each month. We know this because our Business service includes a custom Social Growth Dashboard to track our activity to make better business decisions.

Don't just take our word for it though. The growth metrics we hit for our clients using only organic traffic is phenomenal. Just ask @billbuster95 who just passed 10,000 followers. They started with 321 followers on March 10th, 2017 and passed 10,000 in November of the same year. Their engagement is excellent. They have made top hashtags (4.5 million post hashtags) and top places several times. Learn more in our celebration video. @billbuster95 has agreed to share their dashboard for free to show you exactly how powerful their growth has been for their brand. Get access at the end of this article. 

🔥 RISE UP Tip: Get active. Passive on social media is a losing strategy. Don't mistake "organic" for "passive." Passive organic doesn't work. Put an active strategy in place in which you are using a proven social growth methodology such as advertising on Facebook Ads for engagement or an organic strategy like our Social Media Handshake. You can do our strategy on your own, daily, in Instagram if you're a super go-getter and you have the time. Learn more about our strategy at the end of this article. 

Let's continue to look at key components your active strategy on Instagram should include for the highest level of success in your business.


Organic Reach

Traffic is important. But, how do you know how your strategy is performing? On Facebook Ads, there are a lot of different metrics like Impressions or Reach. Instagram gives you small snapshots for Impressions and Reach. Any business service you invest your time and money into should have an effective way to track performance and provide data to make strategy adjustments. Our social growth service comes with a full analytics dashboard.

Sollevarsi SOCIAL is the only service to offer a robust social growth metrics dashboard and we've updated to version 2.0. Why is that special?

We're introducing organic reach in version 2.0 of our Social Growth Dashboard. Now you can track the traffic our activity drives to your Instagram from our organic targeting strategy and see exactly what kind of impact Instagram is having on your traffic goals. 

It's pretty simple. Using our social media handshake strategy, we target an account and reach out to them. We use advanced targeting to identify people and accounts who have taken a social action for similar brands and accounts such as liking a post, commenting, or following that account. Those we reach are now an organic reach of one. Similar to reach in Facebook ads, this is a traffic metric. These are Instagram accounts, people or businesses, that see your profile from our organic activity. We scale that activity up for your business, within safe guidelines and using our expert experience. On our Instagram growth plans, you reach out to hundreds of targeted people a day and thousands in a week. 

This adds up to significant reach for a low monthly fee a business starting out can afford right along side larger businesses. Organic traffic can be a potent addition to any Instagram strategy or it can be direct traffic if you are an e-commerce store on Instagram using product tagging.

For e-commerce businesses at launch, traffic is a struggle. So many people say traffic is easy and it is once you start accessing different sources effectively. Organic traffic is a big one too many businesses aren't capitalizing on efficiently. 

🔥 RISE UP Tip: Add organic traffic to your Instagram strategy. In any active plan, adding a cost effective solution like our Business growth plan gives you the traffic your business needs to start while creating a vibrant brand infused with social proof. Do as many of the best traffic solutions your business can afford, but start with a cost effective solution like organic growth. If you're on a very tight budget, do it yourself in the Instagram app following our proven strategy. Learn more on how to get details on this free, effective strategy at the end of this article.

Facebook ads is a powerful platform but even it takes time to spin up while you build top level traffic before you can really enter the real gold mine of re-targeting and look alike audiences. We see it all the time. "My e-commerce business sent $500 on FB Ads and only got three new sales." That isn't how FB Ads works effectively in 2017 and beyond. Even the best FB Ads firms test for a few weeks and then start at a low scale building traffic which then fills an intricate digital funnel. It takes time. It takes a full, functioning funnel and at least $1,000/month on ads and another $1,000/month for a professional to manage your ads to succeed for most businesses on FB Ads. It's a great strategy but it's a mistake to think your business can put $500 in, run a few ads and reach your goals. 

Combining FB Ads with organic traffic is especially effective. This is where the magic really happens. Add in direct traffic SEO and you are on your way to a super successful high traffic, high lead funnel.

Keep in mind that FB Ads also has a steep learning curve for "go it alone" entrepreneurs. If you just got out of classes learning Shopify and e-commerce, jumping into a marketing, ad learning platform can be exhausting.

Organic growth can be the simple, sign up and go solution to start solving your traffic problem. An extra 10,000 people a month viewing your Instagram is the best bang for your buck you can get in social media.

But, traffic alone doesn't turn into sales and revenue. Let's look at the next metric we've added to version 2.0 of the Social Growth Dashboard for our Business clients.

Conversion Tracking

Reach is great. Traffic is awesome. But, it takes a lot more to succeed in your business.

Besides, what good is reach if the traffic is trash? That's why version 2.0 of our Social Dashboard tracks conversions for our Business clients. 

This is the second dirty little secret no one told you or the gurus downplayed. Everything you put together has to convert. Duh! But doing it is so much more than simply making a good website. Conversions is a techy way of saying that your goal was achieved in the online digital space. For ad platforms, you are often trying to get clicks, landing page views, sign-ups, then sales. The more difficult the goal, the more you pay for it.

With organic growth for business, we are looking at follows as our first goal conversion. If someone we reach out to follows you, you have a conversion of one and are on your way to earning a new member of your brand army. Hopefully later down the funnel, you have earned a new customer.

We understand that organic growth is handled poorly by some companies. You may have even tried one of these unaccountable follow factories focused on one number, followers. They aren't built for business. We know. We've tested some of them. Buying followers provides a vanity number but it doesn't get you targeted, real top of the funnel traffic that will give you an opportunity to make a sale down the line. Many Instagram growth companies plug you into a garbage bot that grows your account with useless followers, fake likes, and even worse - fake comments. This is a big reason why we track our conversions in version 2.0 of our Social Growth dashboard.

We don't sell followers. We don't do follow for follow. These are losing propositions.

We provide opportunities for your business to convert and EARN followers, warm leads, brand members, and hopefully customers. Just like advertising, you have to convert. But, you aren't left in the dark with us.

Sollevarsi SOCIAL is the only organic growth company (that we're aware of) which track conversions for you so you can see the followers your brand has earned. You can see the rate you are adding new followers. Coupled with organic reach and you have a really good idea of the effective performance of our organic growth strategy. Track conversions over time and you have the opportunity to make pivots and improvements to your business strategy. These metrics are unheard of in the Instagram growth community. Combine our analytics dashboard with the data Instagram give you and you have a really good idea of your impact and your ROI on Instagram. 

Compare these rates to email click through rates or Facebook Ad CTR's and get a picture of the ROI performance of your organic growth on Instagram. We share metrics like New Followers per Dollar and Cost per New Follower. We track conversion rates for you by the day of the week and you have an idea of when to post your content to Instagram for more effective growth.

Our Social Growth Dashboard now tracks your conversions with version 2.0! Explore more in the demo on our Members-ONLY blog for free. More information at the end of this article.

🔥 RISE UP Tip: Don't use a social growth service like ours that promises results without a level of accountability. Simply knowing your follower count doesn't provide a business on the path to success with enough information to make decisions about their strategy. Require accountability in any business service you put your precious time and money into.

Conversions are tracked on your dashboard giving you a metric for how your Instagram is converting the organic reach we actively send your way into new followers. Every time we reach out with "the social media handshake" strategy and they follow your Instagram, we have a successful conversion. 

Tracking conversions is ground breaking for organic growth on Instagram. It gives another important layer to your success growing on Instagram. 

The Social Growth Dashboard is a powerful way for you to monitor your organic growth performance, identify key improvements to your strategy, and justify your businesses investment in organic growth by evaluating ROI. 

This is organic growth as it should be - built for business. We don't treat Instagram followers as a cheap vanity metric. Our goal is to provide quality organic traffic for the top of your sales funnel. We're especially effective.

Just ask billbuster95 who just passed 10,000 followers. Their engagement is off the charts. They consistently feature in Top Posts for big hashtags and have occasionally been featured recently in Top Places for big US cities. These metrics helps show the high quality of traffic they have converted for their brand and validate their investment into Instagram.

If you want to learn more about how we effectively grow your Instagram and your business, billbuster95 has agreed to share their dashboard with you. You can see ALL of their growth from day one with Sollevarsi SOCIAL to now. All of our business customers receive a custom dashboard for their Instagram. Come see what we can do for you.

Check it out in the Members-ONLY section of our blog for FREE.