5 Explosive Ways Product Tagging is a Game-Changer for e-Commerce on Instagram

Instagram is about to become your e-commerce hub.

UPDATED March 20, 2018: The product tagging feature is now live for all who qualify. Start selling more on your Instagram NOW.

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Shopify and Instagram are teaming up to bring product tagging to Instagram. This has been in the works for about a year. Some accounts have started to receive invites to use the feature during this test trial phase.


It’s already having an impact. We spoke with business owner Austin Tomasek Lady_Caliber to get a behind the scenes look at the new feature. 

“I have tripled my sales within the last week since I started using this feature.”

Lady Caliber Woodworking is a Self-described One Woman Shop: Flags & Carved Signs 🇺🇸Veteran Owned & Operated🇺🇸 Check out her shop at Lady Caliber Woodworking!

This is an absolute game changer for Instagram and its new focus on e-commerce and business. It starts with simple product tagging.

We’re going to discuss what this means for Instagram and Shopify e-commerce businesses.

In our Members-ONLY blog, we go deeper into our interview with Austin and explore what this has meant for her growing online business.

We also deep dive into what preparations and setup you can make for this new feature. We discuss when you can expect it, how it works and looks, and what you can do to be successful using Instagram to drive traffic to your Shopify store and increase your sales.

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Death to LINK IN BIO

The struggle to push traffic to your website via one link is over. At least for those who qualify, link in bio is now going to be secondary when it comes to pushing traffic to your website. Using only a single link has helped keep Instagram simple and elegant. But, it has been a struggle for businesses to efficiently push customers to purchase on their websites.

Like many businesses on Instagram, Austin has “dreaded having to explain to customers where and how to purchase...you know the whole link in bio business.”

Product Tagging will allow many businesses to directly tag products right on their photos for visitors allowing them to simply tap to shop - all within Instagram. This is going to be a game changer on Instagram for e-commerce.

Shorter Flash to Bang

The addition of product tagging significantly streamlines the e-commerce journey on Instagram for buyers. It takes the burden off of the customer to seek out products.  Link in bio has become a leap of faith for some customers not knowing exactly what they’re getting into.

For Austin and Lady Caliber Woodworking, “This is finally that break for stores like mine to make it easier on customers. Shorter steps equal a shorter flash to bang.”


This new integration with Shopify also enhances the credibility for e-commerce businesses on Instagram. The interface is beautiful and allows you to present your products in an elegant and authentic way, two areas Instagram shines over other social media platforms.

We asked Austin what this feature improves for her on Instagram.

“Being a small one woman shop, this feature allows me to present my products at a higher level of professionalism.”

Time Saved

Second on Austin’s list of benefits is the simple time saved on customer service. Much of her time on Instagram was spent communicating simple things like how to locate her website and where people could buy her products.

Product tagging is front and center, directly in your content. This new feature really puts the focus on your business.

“I’ve had my Shopify link in my Instagram bio since May when I started but I was constantly having people ask how to purchase. This gives them a direct action to follow without me having to push the sale or get back to the comment or direct message hours later after they’ve lost interest.”

It’s important to note. The new product tagging feature not only shortens the sales cycle but product tagging strengthens the path to purchase. It’s easy to lose customer’s interest with one link in a bio. Product tagging capitalizes on interest in the image and product at the source, the photo of engagement. It offers a simple tap to capitalize on your customer's interest. 

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A Great Fit for Instagram

Instagram is at its best when people and businesses make authentic, human connections. This core value is weighted in content, images and video. Other systems like organic growth found in a follower and following substructure support these authentic roots. Product tagging fits right in with this nucleaus as it gives another dimension for your images and photos to connect with your followers. Product tagging maintains the authenticity of Instagram’s interactions without sacrificing simplicity and elegance.

Join us in our Members-ONLY blog as we get hands on with this new update.


Special thanks for Austin and Lady Caliber Woodworking for sharing her perspective and giving us a behind the scenes look at product tagging on Instagram. Rise up!