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Instagram is constantly changing. Our clients are winning by running their Instagram on targeted, active organic traffic!

Quality organic traffic drives more opportunities for your business and brand from the first touchpoint to the point of sale.

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More Profile Visits

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More Followers

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More Engagement


So, what is organic traffic?

Organic is the foundation for social media and how Instagram works today.

You post, like, and comment on Instagram and your profile increases its exposure.

These actions are at the core of the Instagram algorithm.

It's pretty simple. The more activity you generate, the more the Instagram algorithm works in your favor. For the bigger Instagram accounts, this is where they become really powerful.

Any activity you can do on the Instagram app is organic activity. This includes the action to like, comment, share, direct message, follow, and unfollow.

we get active on instagram for you.

We execute a proven strategy to target the right people and niches for your business or brand, and we organically reach out to them to introduce them to your brand.

We call this the ‘social media handshake’ and we have years of experience expertly managing this strategy to provide our clients with steady, quality traffic to grow their businesses and brands on Instagram.

This strategy democratizes Instagram and allows you to drive traffic like a much larger account. It also allows larger accounts to add steady, targeted traffic to increase their impact.

What does organic traffic look like?

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Active Organic Traffic with Sollevarsi SOCIAL converts all the way down the funnel.

Organic Reach converts into Profile Visits.

Profile visitors become new Followers.

New Followers are long term branding opportunities for your business.

Build trust. Build a brand. Grow your business.

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Build Trust

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Add Touchpoints

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More Opportunities


Instagram growth Built for business


Bad traffic doesn't grow your business or brand.

That's why targeting is so important for our clients. We work hard to target not only the right niche for your brand, but the right people in that niche who are ready to convert into profile visits then into followers.

Our experts do extensive market research to find the right people and where they go on Instagram. This starts your traffic funnel off with quality traffic that converts.

These are the people that will grow your business. Now, you can post content to provide real value, build trust and relationships, and turn these new followers into loyal customers.

We hate fake followers and bad follows. Nothing in advertising is perfect, but we work really hard to avoid them. We hate bad traffic more than you do.

The proof is in how well our traffic funnel converts.

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Don't just take our word for it...

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Mike Burgio is a craftsman with an amazing style and vision in a very specific niche. His e-commerce business offering handcrafted architectural door pulls and hangers on Shopify is booming along with his Instagram. Hrdwre_Design came to us with a visually beautiful Instagram connected to a quality Shopify store. But, his Instagram was growing slowly and it wasn't having an impact on his business or brand.

Hrdwre_Design started with on April 4, 2018 with 248 followers. Since then, his Instagram has started to grow his brand into a powerful tool for his business. His Instagram is around 9,000 as of Nov 1 2018.

He reached over 22,533 people organically and added over 1,400 new followers to his brand on IG in just the last 30 days. 

@deacon_on_scale Testimonial.jpg


Deacon Bradley is a FB ads expert, VP of Operations at Tier 11, and a work from home Dad. Deacon is creating a B2B personal brand around his experience and journey constantly improving on his ability to manage teams working across the world managing Facebook Ads for clients while balancing his life working from home as a husband and father of two. Deacon and Tier 11 have had a huge 2018. Deacon has given talks to Facebook Corporate offices in Austin and New York while Tier 11 made Inc’s 5,000 Fastest Growing Companies in 2018 at #612. Way to go Deacon!

Deacon started his IG brand fresh with us on April 12 2018 with 59 followers. His instagram has exploded into a thriving and growing community on IG and his influence and brand continue to spread. Deacon’s IG brand is set to pass 6k followers this week!!

He organically reached over 21,563 people and added over 800 new followers to his brand on IG in the last 30 days. 

@campfunbrain Testimonial.jpg


Joy is a teacher in Austin Texas. She started a side-hustle summer camp for kids during her summer break from teaching. The summer camp centers around reading, learning, and building a mental foundation that will serve her campers for the rest of their lives. Her local business had a good first year, but she wanted to find ways to expand her business and reach more parents. Social Media and Instagram fit the bill, and active organic growth helped Camp Fun Brain sell out this year!

Camp Fun Brain started her IG brand fresh with us from zero in February of 2018.

Their Instagram has grown steadily while she enjoyed an amazing summer camp season with her campers, all while active organic traffic worked for her behind the scenes. Sollevarsi SOCIAL provided the organic traffic her brand needed to succeed on Instagram so she could focus on her passion, the kids.

With Sollevarsi SOCIAL, @campfunbrain organically reached over 22,376 people in the last 30 days and added around 800 new followers to their growing brand on IG!



Ioannis came to us with an Instagram that was growing, but he saw a potential for much more.

He identified that his Instagram would flourish with active organic traffic targeted to his business. He is a great photographer in beautiful Hawaii offering fun activity, food, and social tours of the picturesque paradise. Beautiful photos of happy faces in a tropical paradise worked well on Instagram. It works extremely well when we added active organic traffic into the mix. 

Hi5 Tours Hawaii started growing with active organic traffic with us on May 9th 2018 with 1,285 followers. Their Instagram quickly passed 5,000 followers after a few months of organic traffic with us.

Hi5 reached over 21,000 people and added over 1,500 new followers to his brand on IG over the last 30 days. The sky is the limit for Hi5 Tours Hawaii!


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